Our Expertise

R&D Companies
We work closely with you to craft tailored development strategies, investor presentations, business plans, financials, and market analysis reports to help you pass the investor screening and due diligence process.
Investors and Multinationals
We work alongside investors and global companies to assess medical device, healthcare IT, diagnostic, and drug development opportunities and craft win-win partnerships. See Investor Services to learn more.
 Business Plans

From bench side to bed side, to bringing your idea to the market, every company needs a detailed development and business plan. 


Before defining the business strategy, the market, the go-to-market plans, and the financial model, medical innovation companies must demonstrate a deep understanding of their technology, and must present honest assesments of clinical validation, regulatory, and reimbursement hurdles to support their growth plans.


Blue Stream Partners guides you through assessing these important steps, and prepares you to present them in an investor-friendly format demonstrating a well defined feasible business plan.

Interim Managment

Experience in successfuly guiding companies through the difficult early stages can be the difference between success and failure. In select cases, our partners come "inside" the companies to develop the strategy, manage the development process, and meet the milestones necessary to raise additional funds and bring on talented long-term management.

Strategic Partnering

In the ever globalizing medical innovation sector, partnering with market leaders provides an important source of (early) credibility, market expertise and access, and value. Partners also often share in development costs, and can be a key source of early funding.


Our partners bring you extensive relationships throughout the global pharma, biotech, medtech, diagnostics, and digital health fields. We have seen these deals from both sides of the table, and advise our clients on important steps necessary to build trust and to close the deal.


Investor Presentations

In an increasingly fast world, you only get one quick chance to wow your investors. A concise and well designed presentation is a key tool in effectively demonstrating your management team's talent.


Our clients will attest to the important role presentations played in generating investor interest which led to successful investments.

Strategy Refinement

When building a strong business plan, in order to make solid decisions and define appropriate goals and oblectives, you have to ask critical questions that flow from key strategic analyses.


In the medical innovation industry this process includes additional elements, unique to the Life Sciences field including for example, regulatory, clinical, reimbursement and evolving market expertise. Through our strategic consulting process, we will ensure all these and other elements are clearly addressed and integrated into your strategy. Our goal is to enable you to concentrate your limited resources on the greatest opportunities, to increase sales and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Financial Projections

Once a development strategy is in place, building a concrete and in-depth budget shows management skill and experience. For medical innovation companies, this means getting supplier and consultant quotes and mapping out realistic timelines for management overhead.


When planning an initial market penetration strategy, persuasive financial forecasts will guide the value perception of the company. A top-down market analysis and a more important bottom-up estimation of sales should demonstrate a conservative mindset and considerable value potential.


Raising investment capiltal for medical innovation companies, is a multi-stage process requiring important value-building milestones every step of the way.


As part of our fund raising guidance, we assist you in identifing and connecting with suitable strategic partners and investors, and accompany you through the due diligence process and negotiations to close the deal.

Market Research

The medical market can be segmented in a number of different ways. Many products can be targeted at various users in different settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and home use.


Through market research and competitive analysis directly with thought leaders in your field we help you map your competition and identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to better define and focus on your competitive advantage.


We help you uncover opportunities and threats in various target markets and relevant clinical settings to ensure you select the target market best suited to your product.

Due Dilligence

We work with institutional and private investors to thoroughly analyze the business plan, financials and legal aspects of potential portfolio companies.


Together with subject matter experts, we highlight important weaknesses as well as strengths, opportunities, and gaps so as to build value and deliver on plans.