Investor Services


We work alongside institutional investors, global companies, and private investors to scout and screen for investment and partnering opportunities that match your criteria. With a proprietary database of (almost) all active healthcare companies in Israel, we identify opportunities which match your specific needs and develop deal flow of rising stars in Israel - one of the world's top medical innovation hubs. 
Once a company is engaged, we work with investors to develop opportunities and craft win-win partnerships. Our partners have experience with dealmaking from both sides of the table, and help smooth the transaction process.
Deal Flow

Are you interested in opportunities to invest in up and coming winners in the Israeli medical innovation sector?


Investors need to dedicate their resources to top ventures. We screen through our portfolio companies and a proprietary database of (almost) all active medical innovation companies in Israel to identify investment opportunities that meet your criteria. 


With extensive relationships among Israeli VCs, Incubators, TTO's, and Professional Organizations our partners keep focused on new opportunities, so you don't have to.


Target Key Investment Criteria

Do you have specific investment and partnering needs?

Orthopedic? Diagnostic? Regulatory Approval? Early Revenue? etc.


Blue Stream Partners maintains a proprietary database of active companies in the Israeli medical innovation sector. We work with foreign investors and companies seeking to gain access to rising stars with specific criteria in mind.

Due Dilligence

We work with institutional and private investors to thoroughly analyze the business plan, financials and legal aspects of potential portfolio companies.


Together with subject matter experts, we highlight important weaknesses as well as strengths, opportunities, and gaps so as to build value and deliver on plans.

Market Research

The medical market can be segmented in a number of different ways. Many products can be targeted at various users in different settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and home use.


Through market research and competitive analysis directly with thought leaders in your field we help you map your competition and identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to better define and focus your competitive advantage.


We help you uncover opportunities and threats in various target markets and relevant clinical settings to ensure you select the target market best suited to your product.